Props, masks etc.


Making props is simply such fun. It involves just about all imaginable crafts, techniques, and materials.

I´ve often worked on productions where costumes and props intermingle, where humans and animals merge and take on elements of the other.

But I´ve also made animals that just had to look like the real thing (some dogs, a cat, a rat, various birds incl. a swan), as well as all sorts of artificial food,  headgear-gear of many varieties, etc.

And finally, there are all the face masks. I´ve lost count.

In the Portfolio are examples of costumes merging with props. Unfortunately I have no photos of the animals, they rarely survive a run.

“Frokost i det grønne”, ´85 og ´86, Black Horse Theatre, directed by Brigitte Kolerus: “Heliodora” costume drawing for dancer and photo, “The Well” costume drawing.

“Drømmespil” ´88 and ´89, Black Horse Theatre, written and directed by Brigitte Kolerus: Cow-mask, Wasp-woman.

“Latterlighedens pris”  ´84, Gladsaxe Theater, directed by Brigitte Kolerus “the Goddess Trinity”

“Sea-dogs”, a mixed-media take on Staffordshire dogs