Under this heading  I´ve collected some of  the other things I do in gaps between theatre work.

Event Design

For a number of years I worked for a firm of event organisers. Here I was in charge of concept, design and decoration on a variety of events for major international cliens.  I´ve also designed benefits (for various worthy causes), as well as private events; everything from weddings and anniversaries to funerals. I hope to include photos of some of these in the Portfolio.



For the Science Centre in Vordingborg I designed a giant human-body-experimentarium with working organs.

For The Natinal Theatre School I designed a costume exhibition at  the Danish Museum of Art and Design, a textile exhibition at the Danish School of Architechture, and a theatre exhibition at “Krudttønden”.



I´m bilingual Danish-English and have done a good deal of translating of both fact and fiction, mainly from Danish to English.

For Reitzels Publishing Company  mainly of texts on education and psychology.

For Batida  International Theatre Company I translate the manuscripts, dialogue, and song lyrics.



Some examples  of illustrations in the  Portfolio.